Dramas to anticipate this 3rd & 4th quarter of 2010


So far, how was the 1st & 2nd quarter of 2010 had treated you? Were one of your all-time favorites aired last two quarters? It’s such a surprise that we’re already at the mid-year of 2010 and we’ve left so much 2010 dramas already. And the list of the scheduled dramas to air for the 3rd & 4th quarter had given us a glimpse already on what they will air.

To sum it all up, this post will contain all of the new dramas that’ll be airing that covers this July~November, not yet confirmed but this is a press release only and changes may be made causing delay of filming, casting and some dramas with no schedule on when to air as well. Let’s wish this 3rd & 4th quarter would bring us more great dramas and better storylines, don’t we all wish that?

July 2010 Broadcast date dramas: “Gumiho: Fox’s Child <구미호, 여우누이뎐>” & “GLORIA <글로리아>”


Gumiho: Fox’s Child had already aired last Monday and had did pretty well in the ratings battle by being able to rate more than usually its timeslot receives. This drama features the story of a Korean folk-tale character, Gumiho or a Nine-tale fox who has to protect her daughter from the people at the village as it develops it powers as a full Nine-tale fox. And this drama will serve as a summer horror delight for the people. It stars Han Eun-Jung, Kim Yoo-Jung & Seo Shin-Ae. It currently airs in KBS2 during Mondays & Thursdays at 9:55PM (KST).

While at the MBC weekend drama block, we have GLORIA to take over Dandelion Family’s position this 31th of July and will show us the story of a sister that will do everything to be able to survive with her sister who is autistic, of course, we’ll also witness her love story as she tries to pursue her dream. This will be a all-star cast featuring Bae Doo-Na, Seo Ji-Suk, Lee Chun-Hee & So Yi-Hyun. This will be directed by PD Kim Min-Shik of Still, Marry Me & Written by Jung Ji-Woo of Wish Upon a Star.

I’m hoping that I can catch the first episode of Gumiho soon as I want something scary and I hope this would fit my taste, plus Seo Shin-Ae is just cute in whatever she does. I hope she won’t grow up. As for GLORIA, yes, I’m anticipating it very much because of the cast and production staff, let’s just wish that it would do well and won’t be draggy. 50 Episodes can sure do so much.

August 2010 Broadcast date dramas:  “What Do You Really Want? <니가 진짜로 원하는 게 뭐야>”, “Mischievous Kiss <장난스런 키스>”, “I Am Legend <나는 전설이다>”, “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho <내 여자친구는 구미호>” & “Conditions of Happiness <행복의 조건>”


MBC will be airing first a two-episode drama featuring Lee Shi Young of Birth of a Rich, titled, What Do You Really Want? and airs after war [probably love story] drama, Road No.1 retreats this August, After the whole frenzy the production staff of this drama had given us, they have finally announced their male lead for this drama, and it would be Kim Hyun-Joong. I’m talking about Mischievous Kiss, this drama has still not announced their female lead so the anticipation is still not over, well to some, they have given up on this because of the male lead casting. So let’s see once again the power of idol stars, huh? This’ll be a Korean-remake of It Started with a Kiss or Itazura na Kiss. It’ll air after the two-episode drama of MBC.

SBS will be busy for this month as it changes its morning daily drama timeslot, 8PM Mon~Tue slot & Wed~Thur slot. I Am Legend will be taking over Coffee House and features, a ahjumma band. And will center on Jeon-Sul a divorcee woman that’s part of a BAND and will find the person she will end up with after all. It’ll star, Kim Jung-Eun, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kim Seung-Soo & Jang Young-Nam. Directed by Kim Hyung-Shik & Written by Kim Yoon-Jung. While we’ll have another Hong Sisters drama this August! It’ll be starring Lee Seung-Gi & Shin Min-Ah, directed by Boo Sung-Chul. This drama will be My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and be taking over Bad Guy’s slot and it’ll be about a loser boy who accidentally gets entangled with a Nine Tail-fox in the form of a very beautiful lady. While morning daily drama, Daring Woman, will be replaced by Conditions of Happiness featuring Go Se-Won, Kim Ji-Ho & Im-Ho.

To put it all of, I’m super excited with this new Hong Sisters drama and Lee Seung-Gi’s comeback drama. Let’s see if the so called, “Seung-Gi’s charm” would work when it’ll be facing off with current first placer, Baker King, Kim Tag Gu in the ratings battle.

September 2010 Broadcast date dramas: “Queen of Tears <눈물의 여왕>”, “Fugitive <도망자>”, “Secret Garden <시크릿가든>” “A Woman Only Loves Once in a Lifetime <여자는 일생에 단 한 번 사랑한다>” & “Sungkyungwan Scandal <성균관 스캔들>”


MBC was able to do a Season 2 of the 2009 hit drama, Queen of Housewives, and will be entitled as Queen of Tears. Not much synopsis is available only casting issues. The production team was able to get Kim Nam-Joo but is trying their best to get the whole cast as well. It’s eyeing to air after Dong-Yi on the MBC Monday & Tuesday timeslot. While the weekend sageuk at MBC, Kim Soo Ro may possibly be replaced with a 50 episode family drama entitled, A Woman Only Loves Once in a Lifetime, and also stars Kim Nam-Joo, Park Shin-Hye, Yoo Seung-Ho and a few veterans.

Meanwhile, Rain’s new drama at KBS that will be produced and written by the same production staff of Chuno. Kwak Jung-Hwan & Chun Sung-Il entitled, Fugitive. This will be a comedy, action series and will be a modern drama also. It also stars Lee Na Young. While Sungkyungwan Scandal may air on the Monday & Tuesday timeslot of KBS replacing Gumiho: Fox’s Child. This will be about the Joseon-F4. Let’s call this a mixture of Boys Over Flowers & You’re Beautiful [without the music, obviously.]

SBS is also cooking up their replacement drama for Life is Beautiful which would be titled, Secret Garden and may possible serve as a comeback drama for Jang-Hyuk. Not much information on the synopsis is still available. It’ll be worked on by the team of Lovers in Paris & On Air.

October~November 2010 Broadcast date dramas: “Athena: Goddess of War <아테나:전쟁의 여신>”, “Dae Mul <대물>”, “Faith <신의>”, “Smile, Mom <웃어요 엄마>” & “President <프레지던트>”


The Spin-off for the huge drama, last year, IRIS entitled, Athena will be making its entrance on SBS with still no definite timeslot. But stills, casts and synopsis has been available already. They are filming on different countries as similar to IRIS. It’ll feature Cha Seung-Won, Jung Woo-Sung, Lee Ji-Ah, Soo-Ae & Choi Shi-Won. Dae Mul is also back on SBS and is eyeing to air after My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and stars the original leads as before, Kwon Sang-Woo & Go Hyun Jung. While the planned medical-fusion-sageuk drama, Faith may take over I Am Legend’s timeslot if the upcoming Dr. Champ wouldn’t be true. It stars Kim Hee-Sun & Lee Philip.

We also have some dramas with no available synopsis and cast also. President in KBS may take over Fugitive’s timeslot possible mid-November or start of December. While Smile, Mom may possible replace weekend drama, Definitely Neighbors on SBS and will be on the hands of the creator of Temptation of Angel & Temptation of Wife.


2010 upcoming dramas with no definite airing dates & confirmed cast: “Birdie Buddy <버디버디>”, “Paradise Ranch <파라다이스 목장>”, “The Musical <뮤지컬>”, “What’s Up? <왓츠 업>”, “My Princess <마이 프린세스>”, “Dr. Champ <닥터 챔프>”, “Love, Hurt & Showers <연애, 상처 그리고 소나기>” & “Love Song <러브송>”

source: (STAR NEWS)

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  1. Posted by rambutan on July 17, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    I’m superrrrrrr excited about Fugitive (Rain) and Athena (CSW! et.al).


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